[WTS] Red Dots: HS403B, Sparc AR-V2, Spur (GA)

2021.10.23 11:41 WranglerJR83 [WTS] Red Dots: HS403B, Sparc AR-V2, Spur (GA)

Hey Ya’ll,
I’m clearing out some stuff to get back in the patch business now that I’m settled in my new digs. So, buy my stuff!! All prices are PP FF and include shipping (No Notes you smooth brained arse hole). Dibs rules apply.
Holosun HS403B ($100) - I put this on my PTR 9KT and decided I needed an Aimpoint instead. No rounds through it. Literally on the gun for 30 minutes.
Vortex Sparc AR-V2 ($100) - I thought I was buying a Sparc II. Never taken out of the package.
Nikon Spur RDS ($85) - I have put this on several firearms to try it and just can’t find one I like it on. It has no rounds on it and only lived on guns for 20-30 minutes each.
Mike Honcho Playgirl Spread
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2021.10.23 11:41 BerettaValentine Waited in queue for 1 hour, then got logged in with the offline tab selected...clicked online tab, back into queue

WTF? I finally got in, but when I clicked to choose an online character I got thrown back into queue. How is this acceptable?
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2021.10.23 11:41 RLCD-Bot [Titanium White Fennec] [Cobalt Fennec: Yorebands] [Burnout] [DR-PSY3]

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2021.10.23 11:41 littlekittynipples Is this a pressure treated stamp? Friends deck partially collapsed.

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2021.10.23 11:41 hotteentoy Hot milf

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2021.10.23 11:41 RunningMan66 [FS][CAN-ON] Dell 6TB SAS (Seagate ST6000NM0034)

Hi all,
I have the following drives available:
Dell Enterprise 6TB SAS drives

Smart data for each drive is available here Smart Data
Asking $80 US or $105 CAN plus shipping. If buying 3+, shipping is included.
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2021.10.23 11:41 EliteEight Tons of stickers to trade

Cats, Biden, Hamilton, soccer, and more! Let me know what you'd like to trade.
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2021.10.23 11:41 remotectrl Toronto Zoo bat week

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2021.10.23 11:41 Yeetusbeatus69 If I quit. Would my benefits will stop immediately or do I still have it after for 30 days?

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2021.10.23 11:41 fuckbuckler (Spoilers Main) Did Satin deserve what he got

Yes or no? I think it was a little harsh. He forsook his vows, yes, but he's a green boy who grew up in a brothel and experienced a single battle, a very near thing at that. In his place I'd also try to get as far from the Wall as possible.
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2021.10.23 11:41 Yimster-Sama grass

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2021.10.23 11:41 bohanker Game Thread - OSU vs Iowa State - Game 7

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2021.10.23 11:41 draxdestroyer101 Who killed paula?

I think her name was paula or something like that,the parole officer ian and mickey had,i know she died and shit but I can't remember who killed her?if they dont say who killed her its like another plot line that doesn't go anywhere
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2021.10.23 11:41 joanna890508 legs

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2021.10.23 11:41 kakakaheen Bitgame

Bitgame project concept is very unique and have a good flow in project define which makes this project a nice value in crypto-market.
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2021.10.23 11:41 Faction_Chief /r/worldnews - https://apnews.com/article/europe-migration-sicily-kidnapping-italy-1395578cbccd1127a2e8a734c31a48a1

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2021.10.23 11:41 Sea_Guest6667 No more Blake

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2021.10.23 11:41 Frosty_Cartographer Pc restarts itself under load

I have NO GPU, im using integrated intel graphics. hd 530 or whatever. drivers all up to date.
im trying to play RCT3 and Parkitect and literally as soon as i load into the game the pc will turn off, and then back on.
no idea if its a motherboard issue or power supply issue. my gpu used to artifact so thats what happened there, anyone got any ideas??
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2021.10.23 11:41 GreatBigTwist Polish Tatras in Autumn.

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2021.10.23 11:41 InfamousMobb367 It’s pretty obvious what should be done right?

.. idk how to start out with this, but me and my girlfriend (19&18) are doing some long distance, about 8 months in, I had seen a post on here about some girl cheating when the relationship had been good for a long time, well about 4 months ago I had looked through my girlfriends phone, to find her texting her friends mostly about guys in the school she wants to sleep with and how they hug everyday and at one point was ready to do something IN school, and had found her texting another dude since we had first gotten together, she had moved away so we are doin long distance right now and hadn’t seen each other a year before august (when I found everything out looking through her phone when I had visited) she had told him if she still lived back at previous town she would have cheated with him. She has another guy that “knows will always be there too”. And a few times I had actually asked her if there was anything she’d like to talk about and if we needed to take a break we could’ve, because I understood we both had needs and wants, she said none of that mattered, obv lied, when I caught her She said she just felt really shitty about it didn’t really cry and whatnot, like she knew what she did, and did know, I asked her if anything else had happened before or after or at all, she says never. When all the emotions were over we set boundaries she gave me all her accounts and let’s me look at her phone now, and is very open with me, but all that stuff still bugs me and that’s kinda my question…. What do I do? It seems like she’s made a 360 or 180 which ever, but there’s just that little voice that says it could happen anytime it probably doesn’t sound big but it’s just the fact it all sorta still bugs me..
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2021.10.23 11:41 pijamasonme07 I made a song

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2021.10.23 11:41 Djbennyblanconyc Will I have connectivity issues?

Hello all, I’m looking to buy the M1 Max Mini with 16 GB Ram and 1 Tb ssd. Looking to get -2 x AOC 27G2 27” Monitors -Logitech MX master series Keyboard and Mouse. Will I run in to any connectivity issues with setting up dual monitors or Bluetooth issues? Thank you
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2021.10.23 11:41 hoosacking Been reposted a million tmes.

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2021.10.23 11:41 abnt61 Regulated crypto Mastercards launched by EQIFI

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2021.10.23 11:41 Faction_Chief /r/worldnews - https://www.msn.com/en-xl/europe/top-stories/poland-protests-mark-one-year-since-abortion-ban/ar-AAPQFDc?ocid=msedgntp

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