ai music extender

2021.10.23 11:39 tailsmania12 ai music extender

are any ai music extenders that can extend a sample provided
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2021.10.23 11:39 TeddiMellonballer Best Android for battery and processing power

I'm looking for the best Android for extra long battery life and the processing power to run multiple intensive apps at once. My next most important concerns are screen quality and durability. I don't really care about the camera or ancillary features. Any recommendations?
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2021.10.23 11:39 MorningStarGG Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - Banger NUTS, KA-BOOM! We're like an Asylum, get COMMITTED! Hotsauce/NASTY soda shots, spicy/gross jellybeans! - Community Support! - MorningStarGG is now LIVE!

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - Banger NUTS, KA-BOOM! We're like an Asylum, get COMMITTED! Hotsauce/NASTY soda shots, spicy/gross jellybeans! - Community Support! - MorningStarGG is now LIVE! submitted by MorningStarGG to shamelessplug [link] [comments]

2021.10.23 11:39 OriginalUsername210 Lithe doesn't work half the time?

Since the last update I've had multiple instances where instead of lithe giving me my speed boost I just stand there or it activates super late and I get .5 of my speed. Has this been happening to anyone else?
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2021.10.23 11:39 iamlearning2 A Non RGB Work & Gaming Setup of a "Middle Aged" gamer (Repost)

A Non RGB Work & Gaming Setup of a
Reposting on a weekend as suggested by a fellow gamer. Detailed Specs in the comment.
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2021.10.23 11:39 FlaxDK Tokyo Hange Gang

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2021.10.23 11:39 aDonkeyWithACarrot How do you guys take your electrolytes?

I really can't stand putting potassium and sodium into my water.
Do you guys just take a tbsp of salt and pottasium and swallow it? Or what has worked best for you?
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2021.10.23 11:39 nyboyz28 Where do visiting teams stay?

Looking to try my luck at an autograph this year. Not sure if they are letting fans down by the tunnel this year cause of covid. Any tips?
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2021.10.23 11:39 The_Hype_007 LOMO is live streaming EDC

If you are investing/trading BBIG you should also download the app.
Live streaming events is a huge deal for attracting new members. More members better valuation.
Share with your friends.
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2021.10.23 11:39 l_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_l (+90446) The VERY Little Mermaid

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2021.10.23 11:39 TaxableCitizen Judge Grants SEC’s Request To Extend Discovery Phase of Lawsuit With Ripple by Two Months

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2021.10.23 11:39 Mushroomskillcancer Public school teaches our children to be spokes in a corporate wheel

Our public school system teaches our children to just be a number and do their part in a system with a bunch on pee-ons being controlled by few overworked supervisors.
After they graduate they fit perfectly in a corporate setting where they can be overworked and under supported, just like in school.
Is part of the solution getting rid of the public school system? Large corporations do "good" by giving to the schools and also give to the politicians that "fix" the schools prpblems.
I'm considering taking my kids out of their school and paying an out of work teacher to teach them in a pod with a couple other local kids.
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2021.10.23 11:39 hardyhaha_09 You motherless fucks make me laugh..

So I am watching some playlist on Italian cooking. The next video starts... its how to make manicotti. I just had this feeling, that I needed to check the comments. Yep there it is. One of you (likely) has written 'This sure beats eating grilled cheese off the radiatahh'. Had me laughing for a while.
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2021.10.23 11:39 LL__DJ I don’t think we’re ready for this series

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2021.10.23 11:39 Coffeebean9303 This game is so realistic that it's low key disturbing...

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2021.10.23 11:39 jojo9789 The fact that they put the option for blue skin in red and (not racist) red skin in blue

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2021.10.23 11:39 Rosencats who’s the odd man out once Rui is at 100%?

IMO it’s probably KCP or Deni, but maybe Wes Unseld Jr runs an 11 man rotation
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2021.10.23 11:39 Thunderbull_1 The Howling Abyss experience

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2021.10.23 11:39 HighBloodSugarDaddy I'm streaming soon

I will be streaming soon today for a while, playing New World probably and maybe something else after a bit. Come jam and say hi if you got time.
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2021.10.23 11:39 onmioji from the last printed plate

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2021.10.23 11:39 melodylwy covered teen idle today

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2021.10.23 11:39 GloriousMacMan Did Jesus descend into hell?

A section of Ephesians 4:9 sticks out at me. Jesus descended in the incarnation yes. He also ascended into Heaven at His ascension. However the section Paul writes makes it sound to me Jesus descended into hell. Jesus had no sin so hell couldn’t hold him therefore he had no real reason to go there. Any thoughts?
Here’s the section of scripture I’m discussing.
“But grace was given to each one of us according to the measure of Christ’s gift. Therefore it says, “When he ascended on high he led a host of captives, and he gave gifts to men.” (In saying, “He ascended,” what does it mean but that he had also descended into the lower regions, the earth? He who descended is the one who also ascended far above all the heavens, that he might fill all things.)” ‭‭Ephesians‬ ‭4:7-10‬ ‭ESV‬‬
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2021.10.23 11:39 Lost_Lynx_6430 Afghanistan Heading Towards Collapse Faster Than Expected, Swedish Minister Warns

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2021.10.23 11:39 simworksbrian Battery tie down / J bolts

Hi everyone, I ordered an Kartboy battery tie down but the OEM j bolts aren’t long enough on my 2010 WRX Impreza Has anyone else ran into this issue? If so, what size j bolts did you use to resolve this? Can make a run to the hardware store or advanced auto.
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2021.10.23 11:39 JudasBrutusson Long story: The Fall of Castle Outwood

I will regale you with a story that happened mere minutes ago.
I had it made, so to speak. I had a strong base, divided in two by a huge river, Osgilliath style. Both sides were mighty bastions, capable of surviving on their own, with their own contingent of battle droids to keep them safe, as well as a single cataphract-style soldier to lead them into battle.
I had a leader in the form of my Praetor, and he had secured an heir in his daughter, and vast fields of food production outside both great city-castles. Every building was made of marble, every opening defended by aesthetically pleasingly planned firing lanes for turrets and well-shielded droids. Manual labour was handled by worker droids while my colonists spent their time in lavishly decorated recreation rooms, creating beautiful art or tending to livestock outside the walls. Life isn’t easy on the Rim, but for these people, life was good.
Then, of course, Randy struck. Randy struck often at this level of prosperity and difficulty, but nothing that couldn’t be countered. Raids were cakewalks, and various calamities like toxic clouds and diseases were weathered with the help of skilled doctors and hydroponics, so I didn’t bat an eye when he sent a siege at me. My droids sallied forth to stop them, but what happened then?
Mechanoid Invasion, right in the path of my droids. While they were embroiled in that battle, the raiders started shelling my home with high explosives. I thought I could handle it, but then it started to rain. And it rained on my now exposed batteries, which fzzt… and blew up, causing my uranium reactors to detonate in a devastating explosion on the northern bastion.
The true sorrow was that, as it happened, in that particular bastion was most of my colonists, at least those who were of value to me. My leader was grievously injured, only saved, likely, by his now ruined prestige armour. With a few drones, a cadre of four household guards, some servants and the royal family, they retreated to the safety of the southern bastion. I was so preoccupied with all that that I missed out on my battle droids being beaten down, and to my great joy the mechs went to town on one of the raiders. That left only a single foe that was shelling me. While my servant laboured to save the leader, I sent out his wife and his household to take on those who still lobbed shells at me. It was a fierce battle, but all my mighty warriors survived, though wounded, thanks to their power armour, and rushed back to the southern bastion. Just in time, it would seem, because the mechs were finished with the raiders, so I readied to repel them with what remained of my fighting forces (four cataphracts, three power armoured knights and three gun-armed servants, two small turrets and a uranium slug turret.)
The mechs were advancing, but the turret was doing good work, especially against the pikemen who I feared the most. But Randy wasn’t done with me just yet, because he dropped a toxic ship right in between the mechs; a toxic ship which my turret hit square on. My computer froze for a tense second, then two, three, four...and then out poured another group of mechs, double the size of the original. Against this foe I could not survive, all I could do was give up or escape. But I am a sucker for narrative twists and challenges, so I endeavored to escape; I formed a caravan to somewhere, anywhere, hoping they would not run into the enemy, grabbing what I could (including a uranium reactor) and a couple of bison trapped in a burning pen. I had almost no capable servants left now, but I hoped to bring my worker droid with me, as I left my knights behind to stem the tide. They ran for it, the praetor's family withtheir weakened household, only for me to come across two last strokes of grievous misfortune; the mechs had flanked us, and opened fire on my servants. The cataphracts could tank it, barely, as could the royal family, but the poor servants had only flak armour and were felled, not killed, and had to be left behind. And as I reached for the exit, the final stroke came. My droid ran out of energy; I had forgotten to check it out in the heat of this long battle, and it had had no chance to recharge, putting out fires, packing and deconstructing, and so I had to leave that behind too.
A colony of almost 30 pawns, 5 worker droids and 10 battle droids. That was what I had had for almost three in-game years of prosperity, a playtime of real-life weeks, i think. It had been a relaxing undertaking now more than a struggle to survive; building beautiful architecture, creating an idyllic society, going on daring quests. All I had left was eight pawns now. Eight pawns, of which only one was any decent at anything other than combat and intellectual work. They journey now, in terror, towards another home; I could close this gameplay down, call it done, another sorrowful story of a colony beaten by the Rim…
But I don’t think I will.
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