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Samsung Front Load Washer Lowe’s Idiots

2021.10.23 11:13 Bobbi197290 Samsung Front Load Washer Lowe’s Idiots

Lowe’s delivered and installed my Samsung Front load washer and dryer yesterday. Last night I tried it out. The washer shook violently and water was all over my floor. The shaking was like nothing I’ve seen before. It was honestly terrifying. I got it powered off and googled what had happened. Within seconds I figured out that the Lowe’s idiots didn’t take off the shipping bolts when they installed it. I am waiting on a call back from the Lowe’s manager. I want a new replacement. I have no idea if it’s damaged or not. Spending $2,000 for a new set should mean it’s damage free. But question is, should I remove the shipping bolts so I can drain the water and get my clothes into the dryer? I know I can, it’s easy. But should I or should it be just like it is for Lowe’s to see and take back? Also, what are the odds that it’s not damaged? Thanks for any suggestions!
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2021.10.23 11:13 BluejayLost2315 https://discord.gg/WjD24krg

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2021.10.23 11:13 Manlikepapaya For the Past 9 weeks I keep on seeing this happen and I guess it’s all just luck?

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2021.10.23 11:13 KillerOfGundyr Mick's true face under the mask ? #slipknot #sinister #bagul #mickthomson #7

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2021.10.23 11:13 onexarmy فاذا ماذا؟

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2021.10.23 11:13 Krillin157 1st episode: dang what happened to his arm 2nd episode:

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2021.10.23 11:13 Tjuurna Ruokakaupat käyttävät pahvisia kuvia elin­tarvikkeista hyllyjen täytteinä Britanniassa – taustalla työntekijä­pula ja kuljetus­kriisi Muun muassa Tescon ruokakaupoissa on nähty pahvikuvia parsasta, porkkanoista, viinirypäleistä ja appelsiineista.

Ruokakaupat käyttävät pahvisia kuvia elin­tarvikkeista hyllyjen täytteinä Britanniassa – taustalla työntekijä­pula ja kuljetus­kriisi Muun muassa Tescon ruokakaupoissa on nähty pahvikuvia parsasta, porkkanoista, viinirypäleistä ja appelsiineista. submitted by Tjuurna to Suomi [link] [comments]

2021.10.23 11:13 a_egg_ [SF] Orb

The two men heap the placenta over the naked boy cowering beside the stricken creature, covering him in the mother’s scent. She growls, and heaves, thrusting the dead flesh from the back of her. It squelches into the dirt, finally free.
One of the men cuts the cord and gestures the other to help him drag the corpse from the stall and heap it on top of the others at the barn entrance.
The boy’s teeth chatter, his flesh steams in the night air, blood and viscous fluid are already coagulating and crusting on his skin. The men re-enter the stall and shove him down onto his knees beside his new mother. She screams and butts him away with her massive head, jaws clacking, straining against the harness tethering her to the wall. The boy flinches back but the men hold him firm, grunting with the strain as he thrashes against them. Slowly the mother calms, her breathing relaxes. The men push the boy closer, gently now. The mother nuzzles up to the boy’s downturned face, her giant eyes wide. He raises his face to meet hers. She smiles.
The boy knows what is coming, but he must be silent. A single tear trickles from his left eye and drips soundlessly from his chin. The mother, sighs, a great whirring, guttural sigh. The boy feels the flecks of phlegm and bubbling blood spatter against his lips. He presses them tightly close and squirms with the tension.
‘I,’ the mother rasps. ‘I, see.’
‘I, see,’ the boy says and firmly closes his eyes. The men watch as the mother pushes harder against the boy’s forehead. He bends beneath the pressure.
A crack begins to appear in the top of the mother’s head. It widens, skin peeling away to reveal a spiked mass, all coiled together, glistening wetly. It writhes from the opening, covering the boy’s head. It smells oddly of seaweed, he thinks, a flash of sea and sun momentarily blurring into focus. One of the men leans down and presses a knee into the boy’s back until he hears a small crack. The boy turns to jelly and they let go. He crumples to the ground, he can’t feel now. The spiked mass wriggles over the boy quickly, consuming him entirely, settling, jerking into stillness. Then suddenly they tighten and compress into a tight wet ball, there is the sound of crinkling aluminium foil and a waft of ammonia then the ball pops like a bubble and disappears. In its place there is an orb of light, floating above the great gash in the mother’s head. She sighs and gently dies, dissolving into a bubbling mass of green, brown fluid and puddling at the men’s feet.
Before it can fade one of the men, grabs a glass jar from a corner of the stall, dusts away sticky grime and hay, gently lowers it over the orb and quickly screws the lid tight. He rights the jar and raises it aloft, the glow spreads across the barn, revealing the great pile of fresh young corpses at the doorway, and the carefully arranged jars, all glowing with lights of various shades, hidden in the far corner of the barn. ‘It’s done,’ the man holding the jar says, smiling tiredly.
‘Mmm hmm,’ his companion grunts, nodding and pursing his lips.
‘Another year,’ the man says, pacing to the lined-up jars and placing the new addition into its correct space. The jars form a perfect gradient, of every shade.
‘Mmm hmm,’ his companion responds, already heading through the doorway, and out into the night.
‘I pray to the gods this will be the last,’ the man says, performs a two-finger gesture in the air and throwing a tarpaulin over the jars. He can hear them now, atop the roof, a slight skittering and scratching of tiny feet, ready to take what’s theirs. The man kisses the back of his left hand, looks back at the tarpaulin, hesitates. He can’t.
‘No,’ he says, and half turns away. Then, ‘no!’ he says again, louder, angry. He impulsively kneels down beside the tarpaulin, raises an edge and takes one of the jars for his own. He thrusts it beneath his ragged shirt and hurries from the barn without another look.
Through the cracks in the ceiling they emerge, tiny fingers stretching through knots in the wood, merging and morphing their way through from the other place. And they already know. Glinting smiles glitter in the light of the jars as the tarpaulin is raised.
A hiss escapes the tiny creatures as they see that one is missing. As one they turn and scurry from the barn door. It is silent for a while. Then in the distance, a scream, a muffled gunshot, silence.
The creatures blur back inside of the barn, a barely detectable haze kicking up dirt around the edges of the pile of corpses. A jar containing a gently pulsing blue orb, appears to float along above them, held aloft by a thousand tiny hands. The tarpaulin peels back from the rest of them, it is placed back into its correct position. A short pause then all of the lids of the jars spin and release and clatter to the ground. Each orb floats up from the jars, wavering and flickering in a sudden gust of wind, whistling in through the barn door and the gaps in the wooden walls.
A murmur escapes the haze of tiny creatures as the orbs coalesce and merge to form a single bright, white light. The creatures pile on top of one another to form a long, thin pin up to the orb, hand over hand, supporting one another like ants. A tiny finger stretches and extends from the tip of the pin and touches the edge of the light.
White stabs down the pin with a great thunderclap of sound. The jars shatter in unison. A squeal escapes the creatures as they are incinerated. A satisfied sound bubbles from the depths of the, now rapidly expanding, ball of light. A window opens out in its centre to reveal a face, formed from countless other tiny faces, interlocked together like atoms of a whole. The face looks up, is once more covered by the light, then the orb tightens, shrinks and jets through the roof of the barn and out into the night. The man knelt beside the body of his bloody companion watches as it flies up into the clouds and winks out.
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2021.10.23 11:13 franginogino *bilanciato*

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2021.10.23 11:13 anozmi Test

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2021.10.23 11:13 FreeMathematician533 Is it possible to never have a friend in life?

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2021.10.23 11:13 ExpensiveAd8897 BPD and Autism

I have been dating someone with autism for almost two months now and this is the best but also the most challenging relationships I’ve ever been in.
We are two VERY different people who typically need very different things but when it works, it works so well.
They are very nit picky, the first time they came over the judged the way I dressed, the way my place was set up, etc. They need me to be incredibly specific at all times, they sometimes say really hurtful things but when I call them out on it, trying to be as honest and open as possible they tell me that I’m being rude and mean. I will admit that sometimes I can be incredibly blunt but in my mind I don’t see it as that and when people tell me, I actively work to be better about the way I’m speaking.
Me on the other hand, I am very cool and calm most of the time. Key word is most. When I am not cool and calm, I am overthinking every single thing. My mind is moving a thousand miles an hour and I typically am alone a lot because of that. I was single for years before I starting dating this partner because I fear I can be both not enough and too much for people. I know they can’t help it but my mind gets crazy when they constantly need reassurance, constantly need me to tell them every single thing that’s happening in a show that we’re watching etc.
And while I sound impatient and unwilling to change, I am. I want to be with them but I don’t know how to be a good partner while also managing my own shit so if you have autism, bpd, or a partner with one or the other, please please please give me advice on how to navigate through this.
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2021.10.23 11:13 everydayanewday Good morning, kiddo (it's 23 Oct 2021)

Good morning ...... Busy morning. Besides the regular shave and shower, gotta throw some luggage together; make sure everything fits. ... Want a toast as well? .... Alright.
Now, you know me... There's always a quote in such a thing, somewhere. A lesson. And wouldn't it be easy to turn this into a "don't carry too much bagage in life" kinda lesson? ...... It would, right? And it could sound so wise and all that. Nobel, even.
But face it; often we're not the ones packing the luggage of our lives. The only thing we can do there is choose how we handle the luggage; how we carry it. How we make it easier to carry. Or how we lighten the load.
But ...... sometimes luggage can show us what's important to us. When suddenly we're limited to that small suitcase, what do we want to bring? If this was what you can bring with you to your new stage in life, what goes in that suitcase? I bet you're bringing your phone, right? And its charger. What else? All those memorabilia you collected, all those "thingies" you bought? Or now, now that you have to decide "what I need and what would I really want", not everything is that important anymore? Maybe a photo of the memorabilia will do? Maybe you realize you never looked at those high school drawings you kept?
...... Attachment is cozy. It is cozy to have things around us. Decorate our nest. Make it comfortable to live in, be in. But there's equal comfort in traveling light through life. In liking things but being less attached to them.
For some journeys, you may find all you need is yourself and those you love.

"If you got a dream, you are good to go. The only extra luggage you will need is self-belief and perseverance." - Unarine Ramaru
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2021.10.23 11:13 weemii2 I get unexpected boners alot.. And really bad ones at that. And it turns me on when I see people staring..

Hi there! As the title says I'm 28 and get into quite alot of awkward situations with it. I like to wear sweatpants and often can't hide the fact that it decided to grow unexpectedly.
What I'm here for is someone to have some fun with with that in mind, and maybe even help me(and you) get of as much as is needed to not have so many accidental boners. (or even more depending on how you like seeing it)
If that's something you'd be interested in let me know 😊 my kik and snap are in my profile. Along with some examples..
Have a great day! 🙂
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2021.10.23 11:13 Myykuhl Might be something

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2021.10.23 11:13 hxzzxx Hey guys, I’ve been recently wanting to do a CBT and start riding however I’m having trouble deciding what sort of bike to get as a beginner. I’ll only be getting a 125cc for now until I’m more confident to do the other tests but was just wondering if anyone have any suggestions on what to look for?

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2021.10.23 11:13 doomzaa I can't reinstall skyrim

It says corrupt download
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2021.10.23 11:13 J-Midori Lost [Episodes 15 & 16]

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2021.10.23 11:13 HoundstoothReader Too many acronyms and initials?

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2021.10.23 11:13 memerim its almost no nut november

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2021.10.23 11:13 buy_your_own Yin yang koi by Justin at daburningneedle in Almere, the Netherlands

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2021.10.23 11:13 HeyooLaunch Nicotine and tobacco free dip - i need help please

Hi, I decided to quit smoking, I was ok for a week with nasal snuff, later on add one, two, three ciggies a day and I was back in it. So I tried snus, strong, it was ok, but I also tried chew and these days, to my suprise I combine everything and thats pretty bad, well, I cut ciggies from 30 to initial 5-10 a day, but use snuff, chew aswell. I wonder, are there any tobacco free, nicotine free dips or chew bags that I may try or maybe even CBD, anyone experienced with CBD snus or dip here? I wonder, which are available in Europe and what might help guys, what do You recommend please? I will be greatful for any kind of tips. Thanks!!
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2021.10.23 11:13 WookieLarry RED LIGHT, GREEN LIGHT - KryptoKillers #16

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2021.10.23 11:13 Reqer115 DARKRAI RAID ON ME ADDING 5 994950349772

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2021.10.23 11:13 snooper27 PSA: ps4 rest mode

Before you start queing be sure your ps will not automatically go into rest mode before you finish queing.
Pos in que 385.
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