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2022.01.17 14:21 Pleasant_Weight_1223 Didn’t make the cut 😔, I was sent this email early this morning

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2022.01.17 14:21 barber_pole 737-8 wheel well

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2022.01.17 14:21 LoveMangaBuddy Read Take A Good Look at Me Now - Chapter 186 - TrueManga

Xu Wuzhou just made a time travel and found himself become a son-in-law who lives in the home of his wife’s parents! On the very night of their wedding, he couldn’t believe his eyes because his wife’s bestie was in his bed! His bad luck didn’t stop there. He went out to have a meal and realized the place he went was actually a brothel! But God never abandon him. He got a broken Bowl of Samsara, ... Read Take A Good Look at Me Now - Chapter 186 - TrueManga. Read more at https://truemanga.com/take-a-good-look-at-me-now/chapter-186
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2022.01.17 14:21 diego573 Approved error declined now error

I was approved for both grants, funded and error since October, one week ago went to decline for both, put recon in ad now TA is showing error, what to expect?
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With #webdollar, the future is in your hands.
Enjoy: ✔️Easy Browser #mining ✔️No installs needed ✔️Proof of Stake ✔️Innovative #blockchain & wallet ✔️Good user experience ✔️Offline #Staking ✔️Cheap, fast, private & secure
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Are there any places near by for Star gazing ?
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2022.01.17 14:21 artilector Couple of Mavs-Pels ideas

Mavs fan here, basically thinking of plan B moves for the Mavs to get under the tax next year, if necessary.

  1. Hardaway + Josh Green (+?) for Hart + Satoransky
FWIW, Josh Green is very much a Hart type starter kit, more raw but with legit higher ceiling - athleticism and very good playmaking instincts.
  1. Hardaway + Brunson for Hart + Graham (+?)
In case Brunson wants to go and be the primary playmaker, the Mavs have to look to trade him.
If either framework is interesting to you, what if anything do you think it would take to make it work?
Overall, it seems to me like Mavs and Pels could be interesting trading partners, because the Pels could use Hardaway's shooting ability (even though it's been a down year), definitely could use Brunson, etc, while the Mavs could be interested in Sato's expiring contract, Hart is good, and Graham could be a backup if Brunson ends up leaving.
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2022.01.17 14:21 narutogirl805 I am 24 years old, make $40,00, live in the South East, and work as a Social Media Coordinator. This week, I spent $600 on my first tattoo.

Disclaimer: If the numbers are off, I am not hiding anything- I probably did not math the math right. I barely made it out of my introduction to accounting college course alive.
Section One: Assets and Debt Use
Retirement Balance:
Savings Account Balance: $12,000
Checking Account Balance: $2,128.99
*My savings withdrawal hasn’t gone through it so it would really be $1,532.88
Credit card debt: $0
*This is paid off in full either the day it’s due or around the time I get paid. My goal is that I want to make sure that I spend what I can afford to have, now or in the future.
Student Loan Debt: $10,579.95 for a bachelor’s of science in multimedia journalism with a minor in creative writing. I went to a public college in a college town that was basically the country. I probably spent the most money on housing.
Section Two: Income
Income Progression: I've been working in my field for 3 years, I started working for free and then worked up to probably $10, $11, $12, and $15 an hour. Some of my payments were lumped together too.
My starting salary at my job was $35k and I had a raise to $40k.
I have worked in freelance journalism, public relations, and digital marketing. My main focus is writing, but I have done some dabbling in photography for some brands in the past.
Main Job Monthly Take Home: $2,267.72
SIMPLE IRA Contribution: $100.02
*Also don’t know the math, sorry. I can’t pretend! I put down 3%, which is the matching number for my company.
Dental and Vision Insurance: $20.34 for two weeks
*My paycheck varies between the two weeks. This is my first one so I kept the original number as is for accuracy.
Medicare: $23.87
*My paycheck varies between the two weeks. This is my first one so I kept the original number as is for accuracy.
Social Security: $102.09
*My paycheck varies between the two weeks. This is my first one so I kept the original number as is for accuracy.
Federal Withholding: $118
*My paycheck varies between the two weeks. This is my first one so I kept the original number as is for accuracy.
State Withholding: $65.21
*My paycheck varies between the two weeks. This is my first one so I kept the original number as is for accuracy.
Side Gig Monthly Take Home: None. I have discussed this briefly at work, but have held off. I enjoy working at my company and would not want to risk my relationship with them. Also why would I want more work after work? I would rather be skating. It’s okay to just enjoy things. Maybe in the future, but not right now.
Section Three: Expenses
HOA Fees: $385
*I live with my mom rent-free. In return, I save as much as I can to provide for myself in the future and help around the house. HOA has also gone up this year.
Savings Contribution: $1,000
*Subject to change with my raise. Just haven’t had the chance to do the calculations.
Debt Payments: I am not currently paying off my student loans right now. I will figure it out when the U.S. government figures it out.
Cellphone: $73.33
*We switched phone plans and I got a new iPhone Pro.
Hobbies: People may be wondering how much I spend on skating. I honestly don’t track it. For me, if I’m paying my bills and my savings goals, I honestly don’t care. My skates cost me roughly $200, and ¾ times I drive 30 minutes to an hour to skate somewhere for free. Every once and a while, I’ll spend money on wheels or something. Most of the money is probably gas. I’ve only gone to a rink twice in the past year. I am planning on upgrading my skates to a $300+ set up but haven’t made any major decisions on it because my tattoos have put a pin in it for the next three months.
7:30 am Wake up and listen to the dog upstairs barking. I check my bank account and play animal crossing.
The funny thing about online banking is that they're all just numbers on a screen and no longer physical bills or coins anymore. Yet these numbers hold significance. My withdrawal hasn’t set in from Friday yet, but it’s still pretty early.
I talked to one of my skate friends, E, about the tattoo on Instagram. She and a few other skate acquaintances have been so helpful and supportive as I did my research.
I found out that Bob Saget passed away. I read about how drugged up he was during shooting Full House. Honestly, that just shows how much of a good actor he was.
8:17 am Get ready for the day. Here’s my routine: I go on my phone; sometimes play animal crossing if I can afford the luxury. I stretch on my bed. I get up to brush my teeth, take care of my retainers, and put in my contacts. I put on clothes, put on deodorant, take my daily and vitamin D gummy vitamins. I make my bed and put away my clothes. I always put on sunscreen on my face and neck, and makeup when I feel like it.
I don’t feel like eating, but I know that I need to. So I make bagels and eggs. I packed my snack bag and purse last night so I wouldn’t have to worry about it.
10 am My friend, G, gets her. We drive and talk about life.
12:17 pm We arrive early, per my mom’s suggestion, and we find the tattoo shop and then look for a place to eat, Waffle House. We split a big plate, and I gave G $40 to cover for gas. She paid for the meal and tip, which was about $16.
1:00 pm Okay, I did not perfectly time this out but I didn’t get started until about 1:45. We sit there waiting for the design to be drawn out. I look at it and the placement. It’s not exactly what I imagined/hoped for but I stayed calm. The artist asked me how it looks and I showed him a picture of a piece that he did a few years ago. He redraws it and I wait.
After two size changes, we’re ready to go. I’m less nervous and more ready to just get this over with. The outline wasn’t bad, the shading got more intense, and then the color made me question my entire life. That was probably about 3 hours in, and everything hurt. Single needle, multiple needles, the shading- didn’t matter, all hurt. Only pain. Paiiin.
I had one break when the artist went to go get the colored ink. I played Animal Crossing for the first three and a half hours and spent the remaining time, about another hour to an hour and a half, just holding on to myself and the furniture for dear life.
The placement was on the side of my upper thigh/hip/side butt in case anyone was interested. I would say it’s a medium/large tattoo.
4:26 pm I’m really tired. I can’t even really process anything and I’m just glad that the pain is over. The artist was able to do two shades of green and about 45% of the tattoo. We go ahead and schedule the second appointment in March because I have my second tattoo appointment in February. After having my first experience, I can confirm that I only take so much.
The February one is estimated to be about a total of $200 with a $100 deposit (meaning that I’ll pay $100), and the March one is estimated to be $285 or something. I was too tired to listen. Don’t tell my artists this, but honestly, they are so talented I would pay whatever to get their work done. There are just some things that cannot be bargained for. This is something that I’ve saved and anticipated.
So that means I can’t do a lot of things (skating, exercising, wearing tight clothes) for three months instead of two. I really played myself 😭 but this is going to be my stopping point until the fall because 1) I have no more ideas 2) I want to enjoy my summer.
My bank account betrayed me and the money still isn’t there. Luckily, my artist has this chip reader thing so I pay on my credit card, which I only got a few months ago. head out, pay with my credit card. I handed my artist a $100 bill that my aunt gifted me for Christmas. $600
6:05 pm My friend drives me home while I contemplate my life choices. Luckily, she actually loves driving, unlike me. I do like driving, but I can get really anxious.
7:43 pm I come home and my mom surprises me by making dinner: Bacon, bok choy and rice. I’m a lucky lady! I watched Emily in Paris with mom.
8:48 pm Clean my tattoo for the first time, shower and eat dried fruit.
9:52 pm Get ready for bed: Floss, brush my teeth, rinse and brush my retainers, put on my Laneige sleeping lip mask.
10:05 pm I put pillows under my left butt to adjust to my new life. I learned this when I sprained my ankle (yes, from skating) in the spring. And honestly, you can get really used to it. It’s comfortable AF.
Daily Spend: $640
7:28 am My body wakes me up. Get up, pee, go back to bed. Need to wash and moisturize my tattoo again when I’m more awake.
8 am I cannot believe I have to get ready for work. I play some sensual R&B music and light a candle to set the mood (to get the will to go to work). Get ready.
8:37 Make breakfast. Blueberry bagel, cream cheese and eggs and oranges. Fill up a 64 oz water bottle in hopes of finishing it. I’m trying to stay hydrated and eat as well as possible in general, but it’s also supposed to help heal my tattoo as well and as quickly as possible.
8:50 am Sort through 39 emails that I narrowed down from 65 and set intentions for the day.
9 am Do the dishes to stay on good terms with my mom aka coworker aka roommate aka bathroom mate. She beat me to washing the frying pan, of course. I still haven’t told her about my next tattoo because there’s so much stuff going on. And I’m still sore from yesterday though I’m feeling better.
9:49 am Create a praise folder for 2022.
10:39 am Animal crossing break. Drink water. Watch the last episode of Emily in Paris. I posted a zoomed-in picture of the tattoo that G took for me on my Close Friends.
My friend E messages me back and forth, and I find out that I’ve been using the wrong type of soap to wash my tattoo, even though I had almost everything planned so I wouldn’t have to go to the store stressed out.
11:36 am I go to Target with my mom during her lunch break. I got antibacterial soap, Poop Pourri and something else that I forgot about but was definitely adult and boring. I also discovered that the Target app will tell you where an item is by labeled aisles so you don’t have to ask the employees. Go technology! $15.43
12:48 pm Eat leftovers and check emails before our weekly meeting.
2:36 pm More meetings. I am added to a new account so that’s exciting! I mentally plan to do some research so I can map out a social strategy for them.
3:34 pm One more meeting ended. Time to recharge a bit, find something sweet to eat and wrap up the day. Counting down until five to wash my hair. I see the 300k+ diary with a shit ton of comments to read through later.
I moisturize my tattoo and she is so pretty and sexy. I am so happy and will be even happier when I’m not in pain 🙂 The placement is perfect.
I eat coconut chips, which are messy. My mom’s on the phone a lot, so she works in the dining room and I work and eat in my room like the teenage trash I am.
I message the artist thanking him and google to see if the tip was 20%. I promised him that I would bring him the other set of thumb grip caps that I got for Christmas during my next visit.
5:28 pm I am showered and ready to eat noodles. I read that MD while I wait for the water to boil.
5:32 pm Mom has to go to her previous phone provider to get her refund ($22) and casually mentions that my cousin's 15-year-old dog was put down today.
I logged into my school email to check on my Amazon purchase and found out that I gained about $6 in interest for student loans. Fuck you!!
8:21 pm Can’t exercise so I’m journaling instead and ✨manifesting ✨for the first time this year. I can’t tell anyone but me and my journal what it is though.
9:27 pm I am lit with ENERGY. Heating up a macaroni and cheese cup and pacing around the house excitedly.
10:52 pm Bedtime. Aka look at social media in the dark
Daily Spend: $15.43
6:35 am My stupid body woke me up.
8:07 am Get ready for work.
9:18 am make breakfast. Time to refill my bottle and try again. Mom steals half of one bagel and puts butter on it, which she says makes a blueberry bagel taste like a blueberry muffin.
9:45 am Do the dishes and put away the toaster as my mom prefers. We live in a small space. My lip gloss is still going strong even after eating. Now that’s what I call ROI.
10:33 am I can’t focus so I paint my hands and toes. I used to get my nails professionally done when I lived in a college town in the country, but when I got to these city prices, I learned how to do my own nails with the help of my mom’s nail tech friend. Doing my nails forces me to focus because I have to let them dry for an hour.
11:32 am Write some copy for a new ad campaign for a client.
12:30 pm Finish the ads and of course, there’s one more email before I take a break 🙃 I hate trying to figure out tech issues because I don’t know how to describe it all the way!
12:39 pm Lunch break. I don’t feel like cooking and prepping salad but once I’m done, I know I’ll be hungry.
Does anyone else eat food while they cook food? Just me 🤭 okay.
The salad is grilled bulgogi marinated chicken, shredded carrots and chopped spinach.
1:22 pm Back on my laptop because I see a work email to make sure that my ads are approved. My mom hands me the wedding invitation for my cousin’s wedding in the spring. It’s an airplane ride away, but my mom and I are hesitant to go because the estimated cost for roundtrip tickets for us is about $1k alone.
2:18 pm Moisturize my tattoo and it’s so pretty! I look at the photo of the tattoo to admire it even more. I look at the details and study where it probably really hurt the most for me.
I get feedback on my ads. Only two out of the six, not bad. My coworkers are really nice and supportive. And close to my age! And actually like me!
4:30 pm Moisturize my tattoo again and heat up a macaroni cup. Moms making broccoli and chicken so I guess no Burger King tonight. Which is her fault for bringing it up! They have the best onion rings. 🥺
4:48 pm Play the saddest jazz song while doing the dishes. Everything must be done dramatically.
5:13 pm Done for the day! Nothing more satisfying than putting my downloads straight in the trash. I can’t work out or anything so I’m very bored.
Not to sound like a jock or anything, but a lot of my hobbies are physical it seems. And because I’m an ambitious idiot, I’ve blocked out almost three months with these detailed tattoos.
I’m gonna have to figure something else out because I “shouldn’t” spend more time on Tik Tok. I definitely feel mostly fine. The itchiness is already setting in. I’m looking forward to peeling like the true lizard I am.
5:47 pm My mom opened the door and it’s cold as shit outside. Maybe I’m not missing out on anything. It’s predicted to snow on Sunday so let’s see how this goes. You never know in the South.
7:42 pm Dinner was not to my taste so I ate ice cream while my mom and I performed our nightly movie ritual. Mom tells me about grandma telling her about my cousin’s LD boyfriend being in town for her birthday, which I already knew cause it was on Facebook. I joke that my mom is more of a grandma than my actual grandma. But I’m sure that my grandma likes being a little gossip reporter, which probably makes her feel special and important to my mom.
8:49 pm Read on Reddit about things getting worse and inflation in pretty much every country. While I do enjoy money, I do wish more people admitted that like… money is fake, why do we even let it prevent us from helping people???
I’ve seen a few posts from skate peers talking about supporting the homeless community in our area. While others are excited for snow, it’s important to remember that winter is one of the hardest and most brutal seasons for those who are homeless, especially in areas of the south that aren’t built for snow.
11:30 pm Bedtime!
Daily Spend: $0
5:54 am My tattoo’s feeling spicy and woke me up. It’s definitely starting to peel and boooy is this is uncomfortable. I go ahead and brush my teeth because I’m basically up right now
6:30 - 7:30 am Make the mistake of falling asleep again knowing that I’ll be upset and tired in the morning.
8:30 am Get up and get ready. My friend texts me back and suggests that I start lotioning. I gave up today. Glasses, makeup, hair up and bagel and oranges. No making my bed today.
Mom put on a plasma face mask that makes her look like she just killed a man and ate him for breakfast. Her coworker is out due to covid and has to go to the hospital and believes that she isn’t vaccinated. So mom has to do double the work again.
9:27 am Send some social for client review and check my social inbox.
10:36 am Made the perfect snow boy on Animal Crossing! One time I was able to make a perfect one three days in a row.
I’m invited to a meeting next week for a client expansion. We’re in charge of new brand management for another section and I wanna brainstorm on what we can do for social on a whole new start for us
11:28 am Reapply lotion. Take pictures but resist posting them on close friends cause the only person who really cares is me. And that’s fine! Cause she’ll shine again when she gets her second session in the spring.
11:58 am Watching season two of Cheer. It’s so interesting. I only have two questions: How does that blonde girl stay completely platinum without roots? Are cheerleaders ever scared of accidentally stepping on their hair?
I swear I get my work done, there’s just not much right now. Before I goof off at work, I make sure that my work is done and that it’s been submitted for review.
1:53 pm Double check a document for EOY reporting
3:58 pm Lotion again. Ice cream break. Watching the really sad part of the show. I’ve never mastered or experienced the crying running mascara look. Have I not lived life enough?
6:13 pm Energy surge! Put in my scalp oil, shower, put away my clothes and make my bed. It must be Opposite Day. My mom goes to the grocery store without me because my hair is still drying in a towel and I have limits on looking insane outside. I don’t like to be rushed.
6:35 pm Time to cook. Vegetable fried rice, baby!
7:09 pm Fried rice looks good- oh shit there’s smoke. Let me open the back door.
8 something pm Mom comes home from the store. Put away groceries. Eat and wrap up on dishes. I read my cookbook while mom works.
The most interesting takeaway from that book is how Eurocentric the food world is, including recipes. Because you need written language and numbers to make a recipe, which not every culture has (or has always had). And then you have American people getting credit for the nastiest, blandest ethnic food in the books.
While people have their criticisms of social media, there is absolutely no denying that it gave a platform to people who wouldn’t have otherwise had a chance to get into an industry based on their appearances, race or talent (or lack thereof).
9:43 pm Lotion tattoo, brush teeth, dry hair. Boy, I thought I was high maintenance pre-tattoo!
11:06 pm Tik Tok is annoying me and so is my itchy tattoo. I take melatonin because the itching is driving me nuts and it’s hard to fall asleep.
Daily Spend: $0
8:30 am Open my eyes because I have a call at 10 and I need to have some stuff done before then. I was able to sleep on my left side a little bit by accident without some discomfort so things are looking bright. I miss sleeping there.
9:12 pm Get ready and put on makeup. Glossier concealer, EM Cosmetics cushion highlighter, brow flick, and NYX brow gel. Straighten my hair and put in four one clip extensions that match the length of my hair now. Now that’s growth! I’m going to try growing my hair all the way down to my lower back, so no haircuts this year.
9:38 pm Eggs and bagels for breakfast.
11:20 am Wrap up a call with PR. We discuss important things, like about Spider-Man and work. I sent him some restaurant recommendations.
12:01 pm I don’t know what I wanna eat for lunch. I cried over the Cheer finale episode.
I think what I enjoy is the science and intricacy of hobbies and the passion and hard work that goes behind them. After I fell in love with roller skating again almost a year ago, I absolutely try not to judge others for their passions or hobbies. They can be what makes us feel alive or keep on living. So just because it’s different doesn’t mean that it’s below us. There’s space for everyone to enjoy what they want to enjoy.
If I remember correctly, cheerleading is considered one of the most dangerous sports out there because you’re feet up in the air with only other people to catch you. Actually, the founder of Moxi Skates was a cheerleader, and you can tell through her movements. Do I know anything about cheerleading after all of this? No.
12:20 pm I’m bored. Time to go to Burger King in my nice pajamas and Crocs. I ended up trying their spicy chicken sandwich which was good but had a shit ton of mayo in it. I get a large because I know that I have to share my onion rings. $9.93
12:48 pm Get an email about the snowstorm from work while waiting for food. Basically, it said that if our clients need assistance during the snow, we need to work on Monday. Which is not a big deal to me. I think since working remotely, it’s hard to feel like anything at home is a complete vacation.
2:20 pm Still bored. Time to read.
3:08 pm My boss checks on the other coordinator and me to make sure that we understand what’s going on. I really like and appreciate my boss.
5 pm Check my emails and wrap it up real quick.
6:06 pm Wake up from my napcident. Must’ve been more tired than I thought. Check Time to eat ice cream.
8:14 pm Finished reading my book. I have this new trait where if I’m annoyed, my tattoo gets irritated alongside me. 🙃
9:36 pm Eat pasta with spinach and tomatoes.
10:32 pm Watch some skate videos. I haven’t left the house or walked or skated all week but I don’t miss anything. It’s nice to just rest and not do anything.
11:28 pm Shower, brush teeth, tattoo care. Time to wind down. Gn!
Daily Spend: $9.93
9:59 am Finally someone gets to sleep in. Get ready, wash and moisturize my tattoo, go back to playing AC in bed. This is what I would consider luxury.
11:22 am Done playing games. Time to get up!
11:30 am I was taking pictures of myself because I thought I looked hot.
Well, I zoomed in on those and there are bumps on my tatt! Whelp. I know it’s not an infection. I look at google and I message my artist for his opinion just in case.
Stay calm, eat pasta, read what could’ve gone wrong while waiting for my artist to message me back
12:21 pm Skim through the MD subreddit and realize that I need to do my savings and pay my credit card bill. It’s not due today but I want to go ahead and get it over with so I’m left with the amount of money that I actually have. $1,096.11
12:35 pm Artist confirms that I am not dying (the culprit was eczema) and says that it’s healing nicely now that I’m not bleeding and swollen. 😅
1:13 pm Wash tattoo, moisturize lightly as that may have been the culprit to breaking out. I guess there is such a thing as too much love. Get ready for Target because I need more antibacterial hand soap and fragrance-free lotion and I’m bored.
2:41 pm So here’s the thing. I got the EM Cosmetics Cushion foundation but I don’t like the undertone or the formula.
I thought about buying another expensive foundation but got in my head about spending more money on something that I may not like. And I need regular boring stuff that you can’t get at Sephora and I only want to make one trip.
So I got the ELF hydrating concealer, which I already know that I like, and ended up on the CoverGirl Skin Milk, which I also ended up liking.
Okay, this was unprompted, but I found a satin robe and slip in my dream pastel pink color. I’ve been waiting to find a robe in this color and texture for years. When I was in college, I wanted to get the one from Savage X Fenty, but they took it away from us.
Side note: I hate getting Savage X Fenty ads, especially on YouTube, because it’s like three minutes of unsolicited half-naked women on my page! Like, ma’am, I’m trying to eat lunch, not watch softcore porn. If you want to avoid certain ads, do not like any sponsored content from a brand that you’re trying to see less of.
I also got almond extract to give to my mom because she likes putting it in her coffee and she forgot to get some last time. I put on makeup and feel pretty. 🥲 $74.15
2:47 pm I got a refund check from the place where I get my oil change for 97 cents? My mom says that the paper check is worth more. My cousin's cousin asks me if I wanna be roommates in the future. I open my package and boy has this used book been through some things.
4:05 pm Read my book. Wash and moisturize my tattoo. It looks like the bumps are going down and the flakes are going up.
4:41 pm My mom takes a break from watching New Girl to take her plants inside before the storm hits. She talks to them with concern over their leaves while I lay on the couch like a French girl waiting to be painted.
6:19 pm Shower time! I get an email about my pay stub and I’ll check it on Monday when I actually care. I got a raise, and the owner told all of us to check the numbers to confirm that it’s correct.
7:35 pm Dinner is chicken, red bell peppers and white rice. Accompanied by cranberry juice.
10:12 pm I am itchy once again. I finish my book and I am beyond ready to end the day. Hopefully, I will feel better when I wake up tomorrow.
Daily Spend: $1,170.26
9:27 am I’m awake and I hear the drizzle outside. I go online and skim social. I go on Tik Tok and I’m honestly kinda bored of it but still manage to have a hard time getting off. Time to get ready to go back to bed and play AC. I’m gonna light my candle for the ✨ambiance✨ as well
10:47 am Mom wants to go to Trader Joe’s to make pho before the snow settles down. Which means that I get to go to the Sephora nearby. I got a makeup cleanser, an overnight eye mask and a lip balm.
I use the gift card that my brother gifted me for my birthday in 2021. Hopefully, he won’t ask me what I got because the price may hurt his feelings. 🥴 I know it hurts mine.
12:05 pm Put away groceries and clean up. I make my bed, put away my clothes. Prepare the house for a good vacuum. I lay down the carpet sprinkles and sweep.
It’s snowing and beautiful. My cousins up north got more snow than we did, but they’re kids and deserve to have good memories of playing in the snow. I get a little sad, thinking about my cousin’s dog who probably had his last snow a few years ago. But he’s resting now.
12:46 pm My mom and the Swiffer Wet Jet are having a moment so I check to see if another book arrived and it did. Go to the mailbox to get it.
1:15 pm Finally done cleaning. I sit down and write my weekly recap in my agenda. I usually just write a monthly recap but this year's agenda has space for a weekly one too.
2:19 pm Pho time 😍😍😍 Pho pairs really well with Coca-Cola. Idk why, my mom says it’s the combination of sweet and salty.
3:02 pm Must. Stop. Wasting time on social!! Time to read
3:50 pm Tattoo lotion break. Eat dried pineapple to resist ice cream a lil bit longer. Pour a glass of water cause I just realized that I haven’t had any today yet 🙃
4:17 pm Get distracted and read about the Portrait of a Lady on Fire.
5:21 pm I’m bored again. But I believe my mom is asleep and the laundry is done so I’m just gonna put that away while I figure shit out.
6:34 pm I spilled water on myself because I never learned my lesson about putting a cup of water on the couch so shower time.
7:42 pm Dumplings for dinner!
8:52 pm Mom goes to bed. Time to jump down a rabbit hole about all Judy Garland. She’s what Jackie Aina would describe as a husband collector. My mom’s only been married once, I joke that she has some catching up to do. I spent the rest of my evening cleaning out my saved interior folder on Instagram.
10:51 pm So itchy. Time to lotion up and go to bed. Gn!
Daily Spend: $82.86
Weekly Spend: $1,418.48
Food + Drink: $9.93
Fun/Entertainment: $0
Home + Health: $15.43
Clothes + Beauty: $82.86
Transport: $0
Other: $1,136.11
Diary Reflection: Believe it or not, this week was mostly boring after the whole feeling like I was being cut with a scapel by my very talented tattoo artist.
I wanted to write this diary to share a very special moment in my life. I have been interested in tattoos since I was in middle school. While other people got their first tattoos when they turned 18, I waited for the right time. I didn’t have any actual ideas and I knew that good tattoos cost good money. I didn’t want to get something that would later need to be covered up or lasered off. I would rather do it right the first time.
When I was in college, this girl (who coincidentally has the same name as me) went into credit card debt over a tattoo. I was so appalled and thought that was incredibly tacky. Tattoos don’t even do anything besides stand there and look pretty. It was just not a good look. Ironically, I did have to pay mine off with a credit card, but I paid it off almost immediately okay! I did have the money to get exactly what I wanted within means.
There are many moments in our lives, especially today, where we feel behind or not good enough. When we do celebrate our times, they may seem fleeting or not as well celebrated. But as long as we celebrate them, as long as we ourselves understand what it took to get to this moment, that is all that matters. And that’s what I wish for all of you. I didn’t get my first internship until I was 22. Didn’t get my first full-time job until I was 24. The things you want in life take time, but it’s truly worth the wait.
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2022.01.17 14:21 AdhesivenessSalt9692 can anyone give me any insight? im brand new to sidereal and would just a little bit of info on my chart. also if you could recommend any beginner books pleaseee id really appreciate it! 😊

can anyone give me any insight? im brand new to sidereal and would just a little bit of info on my chart. also if you could recommend any beginner books pleaseee id really appreciate it! 😊 submitted by AdhesivenessSalt9692 to SiderealAstrology [link] [comments]

2022.01.17 14:21 im_the_bush_wizard Math rock tower make brain happy.

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2022.01.17 14:21 RGHHGR No orders today, anybody else having issues?

Going on 2 hours and not a single delivery.
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2022.01.17 14:21 jorlev On the heels of Djokovic's expultion from the Australia, Ball Kid (girl) collapses during a match at the Australian Open - must be that "Pandemic Stress Disorder" going around.

On the heels of Djokovic's expultion from the Australia, Ball Kid (girl) collapses during a match at the Australian Open - must be that submitted by jorlev to DebateVaccines [link] [comments]

2022.01.17 14:21 con-dawg It's a simple render. Please provide feedback if you have any. Happy Blendering everyone!

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2022.01.17 14:21 axjguz First time wearing it out - This is my first Rolex, and felt a little self conscious at first but I think I’m overthinking it.

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2022.01.17 14:21 OpalP Pair of mandarin ducks in coloured pencil

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2022.01.17 14:21 himynameisevan Drake

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2022.01.17 14:21 katoepuhtato Eyeball ring IRL (cursed)

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2022.01.17 14:21 SithLocust Help incorporating Demon.

Hey guys, I put a post up on the VtM subreddit a few days ago but due to mostly my own writing and forgetting about this more broad sub I didn't really get of what I was looking for so I thought of posting here for some help.
I have an SPC, an Elder Lasombra who helps an Earthbound. Now I admitedly haven't put too much thought into the whys and hows. However as my players get closer to that plot I need to start ironing out definites. The Earthbound will want things, worshippers of course but do they take souls and sacrafice like some myths do or is that not in the demon lore?
As for what it can offer the Elder in return. I was thinking since he is an Lasombra, his shadow powers tap into the Abyss and the Demons were sent there to suffer, perhapsit grants him a much higher understanding of the abyss and much greater power in it's control than even peers of his own age. Would this be possible? If so what would that look like? I'm playing V5 but have no problem updating lore or abilities from older editions to fit this.
I know since I am the ST, both the Earthbound and the Elder are SPCs I could just make anything I want up for my game but I want it to fit the setting and what can reasonably happen. My knowledge of Demon is very limited besides the PCs and the background lore, so I turn here for some help hopefully by some more knowledgeable with the lore than I. Thank you!
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2022.01.17 14:21 thathydraigon07 Insert overused meme here:

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2022.01.17 14:21 justanothergaykidd hey girlies !!✨

I’m looking for other bad btches 💅 that would wanna queue league 😍 I’m on NA server and I’m sick of these straggot champions on my team that are toxic 🤢. If you’re interested in dominating trashy mn 👹 and want to match skins 🤪 then drop your username/discord!! ✨😚
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2022.01.17 14:21 blakcpavement Thoughts on new singles / next album?

I loved “I hate everything” and am excited to hear where the sound goes on the next release. I’m sensing some folk/alt-country influence. Anyone know when they’re planning to release the next alb??
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