How much did you spend on your wedding cake?

2022.01.17 13:37 totential_rigger How much did you spend on your wedding cake?

And how big was it? Elaborate design?
I don't know what is normal so I can't tell if I'm getting silly quotes or not.
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2022.01.17 13:37 EricSchC1fr Novak Djokovic arrives back in Belgrade

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2022.01.17 13:37 mith1fanousek223 Rest in peace 😭😭😭

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2022.01.17 13:37 RivalXL yay! another movie to encourage more homeschooling abuse!

also bruh I posted this on asktransgender at first and wondered why I got downvoted. I posted on the wrong sub oops.
I just saw this trailer recently and I thought it was enough to mention here. If you have the gut to stomach it, it's just glorifying homeschooling and any sort of monitoring is "government bad".
Just a shitty movie on its own but what scares me with this film is if it's going to encourage more parents out there to homeschool their children the same way we went to. It took only one parent mentioning it to my mom for her to decide to homeschool me. I wonder what a movie can do
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2022.01.17 13:37 panzalohis Limited Binance Referral Code - $500 - LIMIT_HNRB5ZZT

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2022.01.17 13:37 Life_Eye6416 Avoiding covid

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2022.01.17 13:37 SANSbura_xD ASSASSINATE! | Random Akatsuki Sunday #02

Sorry, wanted to post this yesterday, but was kinda busy.
[Somewhere in S3]
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2022.01.17 13:37 HotTrashed Promoting reduction in plastic waste yet can't make their packaging recyclable

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2022.01.17 13:37 HazyAssaulter Can't wait for all saints wake

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2022.01.17 13:37 jobsinanywhere วิเคราะห์เหรียญ Sand ถึงแนวรับแล้ว ช้อนเลยมั้ย? | CoinMarketBag

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2022.01.17 13:37 yepitsviral 2meirl4meirl

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2022.01.17 13:37 Wonder-Forsaken Hi all slp’s! Question!

I wanted to know if anyone here is an introvert/Istp I’m looking for a job where I feel fufilled in my work and can help people preferably one on one so I’ve found the slp career and wanted to know about your guy’s usually day and or experience!
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2022.01.17 13:37 CurseOfTheVain Free Puppy Food

Free puppy food - 10 cans of pedigree puppy wet food, a 36 LB bag pedigree puppy dry (only used a little) 4 LB bag of purina puppy dry (barely used).
Everything is recently purchased, my pup just doesn’t like them!
Pickup near 28th Ave & 33rd st
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2022.01.17 13:37 legacy3233 Affected by Altitude, a Purple Row Podcast: Off-season Hurdles

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2022.01.17 13:37 sirblocksnall Wanna hear a knock knock joke?

Knock knock
Who's there?
UFO Who?
UFOcking wot m8
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2022.01.17 13:37 MisantropiaEterna Did Charles Manson really deserve life in prison?

For a little bit of context on my question, I know next to nothing about the Manson Family murders, only the basics and after watching that Mindhunter episode where the FBI detectives talk to Manson on prison I started wondering if he really deserved life in prison since he himself didn't kill anyone - that I know of - and even if he was a cult leader, would his alleged influence on his cult members be grounds enough for a life sentence?
Again, and this is a mandatory comment in this day and age, but I am on no way shape or form defending anyone nor condoning murder.
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2022.01.17 13:37 Effective_Talk_NC Did I bully or was I bullied

PREFACE: Most of the employees of a company (let's call them Oil) I used to work for are located in several different cities throughout the US. However, they also have remote employees who work out of their home and never go into the office. I became a part of Oil when the division (let's call it Boat) of my company (Let's call them water) was bought by Oil. Oil bought boat in March of YEAR 1 but Boat division employees continued under the same leadership and on Water's payroll. After a final straw event occurred in the QA dept. of Water that made me want to quit on the spot in June of year 1, I decided to apply for a QA automation role in Oil. After interviewing for the job with manager and employees in Oil, I had a conversation with the director of QA (DOQA) for Oil. The DOQA asked about my past experiences as lead and manager and then asked if I was interested in being a lead again to which I said yes. I was hired as Sr. QA analyst in Oil company and started in July of year 1. My manager at Oil was DOQA and they informed me that I would fill in for the 'lead' QA (while they were out on leave) on a scrum team that had 3 QAs in total. After that, I was to be moved to a scrum team where I would be the 'lead' QA.
SITUATION: JAN. year 2 (YR2), I was moved to a new team and informed by DOQA that I was the lead of the team but to take it slow with the new team. I was paired with a QA already on that team who was the QA subject matter expert (SME) on the product we were testing. QASME started teaching me the ropes of the team and product.
During the first two months with the team, QASME reported issues with me three times to DOQA. My offenses you ask? I reordered the test execution folders (from oldest -> newest to newest -> oldest), I regrouped previous years execution folders into one folder but not all at one time (thus creating confusion with where things were) and I renamed companies with the same name in our test environment to make them distinguishable (Comp1 Comp2, etc). I explained all three situations to DOQA and implemented their advice on how to communicate better with the team.
In March YR2, DOQA sent out an email asking the leads on each team to work with the other QAs on their team to come up with a list of scenarios to automate along with a timeframe for getting them automated. Thinking it was my responsibility to see that this was done, I came up with a preliminary plan on how to go about getting this done. I then booked a meeting with the other QAs to share with them what our task was, my prelim. plan to get it done, and then discuss what they liked/disliked about the plan and tweak it accordingly.
From the beginning of the conversation, QASME was on the defensive "what is this all about?, Who told me to do it? Why was I doing it now?" and barely let me speak. Finally I said (trying to avoid using the word lead to identify myself) "the email said for the QA leads to do this and as the senior QA on this team I took it that it was my responsibility to spearhead the effort". We were able to finish the original agenda of the meeting with lots of pushback from QaSME on the plan. Afterwards, QASME and I had a brief verbal conversation on how each of us had been lead by management to believe that we were the lead on the team. I had requested to speak with DOQA as soon as they were free. However, before that could happen, QASME sent a strongly worded email to DOQA (copying me and their manager)
When I was finally able to talk with DOQA about it, they had already talked with the other QAs. Their response was to talk with the rest of the scrum team and then make a decision on who would be the lead. After they talked to the team, I was told that QASME and at least one other person from the scrum team had said I was "confrontational". Therefore, they were going to assign the other QA manager to monitoattend the scrum team for awhile and then decide who would be lead on the team.
From MAR YR2 - NOV YR2, QASME and I worked on the team with neither one of us named lead and (presumably) both of us thinking we had the potential to become lead. In my opinion, this made it seem like we were competing with each other to show who should be lead. I tried having conversations with QASME to learn more about each other and even adopted the policy of asking their opinion about my ideas for things. If they didn't shoot my idea down, then I would bring it up to the other QAs and the four of us would decide on whether to implement the idea. If I didn't do it this way, then QASME would dominate the conversation giving their opinion on the idea leaving the other QAs torn between supporting the teammate they had known for years or me. Additionally, there were a handful (3-4) of times that QASME seemed irritated at me and for self preservation purposes, I told DOQA about them each time. most of them DOQA had heard about before I told them. Finally in DEC YR2, DOQA told me that I was the team 'lead' QA but did not send out notification to the scrum team/QAs informing them of that fact.
In March YR3 after nearly a year of tiptoeing around QASME to get things accomplished and still having them question what I do and how I do it, the perfect storm of things happened. I received negative vibes from QASME and others when I missed a Sprint deadline due to development delivering late code, QASME was taking charge of the upcoming regression cycle without discussing it with me first (or at very least letting me know first), and QASME went behind my back to the team BA/SME when I asked them to hold off requesting branch cut for regression start as we might have a bug.
After having QASME go behind my back and make a mountain out of a mole hill instead of discussing their concerns about holding branch with me, I was quite upset. I reached out to DOQA to discuss it but they were not available at that time. I continued on with the day including setting up a meeting to talk with QASME after lunch to discuss something that we had talked about earlier that day.
Based on how things went the rest of the morning, QASME decided to pull the other QA into the meeting. At the start of the meeting, QASME asked if we could talk about some things they had discussed with their manager instead of what I called the meeting to discuss. Trying to be flexible, I agreed. However, when the things they discussed with their manager seemed to be centered around fixing the 'delivering test items' after Sprint END problem AND the suggested fix (supposedly from mgr) was an idea of mine that QASME shot down a month earlier, I was no longer able to contain my emotions. I became argumentative with them in a passive aggressive way with an elevated tone but not yelling. We continued talking for some time (almost an hour) with another tense moment near the end of the conversation. Because of all that had happened over the previous year, I setup the meeting to record and thus everything was caught on tape.
I immediately reached out to DOQA but they weren't available until 430-5 timeframe. When I got to talk with them, they had already heard about what had happened. I gave them the recording to listen to and then they agreed to talk with me the next morning. At the meeting the next morning, It was clear from both DOQA's tone and words that they were appalled at what had happened and they refused to let me explain what happened prior to the meeting. They said there was no excuse for my behavior and that it wasn't acceptable and couldn't happen again. I took this to mean that raising my voice and being argumentative with a colleague couldn't happen again. I felt defeated by QASME and resigned myself to being quiet within the scrum team and avoiding talking with QASME unless absolutely necessary.
Fast forward to May YR3, QASME told me one of their stories was going to be closed as not reproducible and they would discuss it with the rest of the team the next morning at our team mtg. I thought this odd given the story was a customer defect that had been reproduced in house prior to the Sprint starting. I had a hunch that the repro steps might not have included all the relavant details and since I had time, I decided to look into it. The hunch paid off and I was able to determine what the missing piece of information was. I felt good about going into the MTG the next day as I had what we needed to get this story going again.
In the MTG, QASME told the team the situation and recommended closing the story. The BA and Dev Leads both came to the conclusion that there must be something else going on and the team needed to look at the data (ie they came to the same conclusion as me). Fortunately, I had the data and was able to share it with them. Instead of being "positive" about having the information ready for the team, QASME got upset and saw this as me butting in on their story inappropriately. I didn't think much more about the situation and continued on with the Sprint work. 3 weeks later in my 1:1 meeting with DOQA, they asked me if I had "looked into another QA's story without their knowledge". I explained the situation and told them that I was just following a hunch and hadn't said anything to QASME because I didn't feel they would have listened. DOQA indicated that I was out of line and would be discussing some other things with me the following Tuesday.
On that Tuesday, I meet with DOQA and HR where I was informed that I was being put on a PIP (performance improvement plan) . Everything in the PIP was tied back to that day back in Mar YR3. The items listed in the PIP were about how I communicate with the scrum team and NOT referring to my argumentative/elevated voice in the conversation from March. The conditions for satisfying the majority of the items in the PIP were based on my scrum team's feedback (ie opinions) that I had improved my communications with the team.
There was a lot that happened over the next weeks including me trying to get DOQA to help me understand how I was supposed to change my communication when the PIP and PIP MTG didn't provide examples of what I had said or done that was found offensive by the scrum team. If what was listed in the PIP isn't what happened and what did happen was no different than what others had done (and scrum team admitted was the proper thing to do), how was I supposed to met the conditions for improvement? The end result was that I found myself out of a job in June of YR3.
So, my question to all of you is "Did I act inappropriately and in effect bullied QASME OR was I bullied by QASME/Team? Advice and viewpoints welcome. Derogatory comments toward anyone in the situation are not
Thank You!
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2022.01.17 13:37 realrcube 'El Mao'

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2022.01.17 13:37 sinbadz Temp program / internship question

Hi there, I have been with HEB since August 2020, and I received my degree in May of 2021. I applied for both the Procurement, as well as the Analytics internships when they became available (October 2021) and after completing my digital interview, I have not received any sort of update regarding the status of my application. The same principle is currently being applied to a couple of Temp positions I applied to, not denied, not selected, but still under review. I was curious if anyone else has been through this gauntlet, and If so, what did your timeline look like? The wait is grueling!
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2022.01.17 13:37 dr--moreau My (failed) attempt to reach the abandoned New Idria mercury mine, CA. I’ll be back to try again!

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2022.01.17 13:37 BEHNOOD1389 شما هم میرین دستشویی به ضرب ۳۳۳×۴۴۴ فکر می‌کنید یا فقط من این طوریم 😂

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2022.01.17 13:37 Glow_Ballz Japanese benzo

Anyone ever heard of or tried flutoprazepam?
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2022.01.17 13:37 Jirowolf Trading

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2022.01.17 13:37 httk2020 Facebook level up program

On my page I'm a game creator game, I have to do two 4 hour videos within a 2 week period to get stars. I have done multiple 4 hour videos and they are not being counted to get me into the Level Up program. Is anyone else having this trouble? I've tried to look on the website to contact Facebook about this problem and I haven't been able to find any contact information/live chat with them. I have met ever other requirement but this one. Thanks guys
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2022.01.17 13:37 detachedfromreality0 MBTI & Enneagram of Super Mario Sunshine Locations

Delfino Airstrip – ISTJ 6w5 – Out of the way and serves a purely functional purpose. Quickly gets forgotten as the game takes Mario to the main island of Isle Delfino. The theme music evokes a mystery drama or the feeling of suspicion.
Delfino Plaza – ESFJ 2w3 – Friendly, inviting, and familiar - the perfect home base. The locals are hospitable and community-oriented. Its theme music is the most well-known in the Super Mario Sunshine soundtrack. Sounds like a cheerful Italian-ish folk tune.
Bianco Hills – ISFJ 9w1 – Quaint countryside setting nestled among rolling green hills. Lots of bright, friendly colors evocative of spring. Theme music evokes charming quasi-European folk music.
Ricco Harbor – ESTP 7w8 – Busy and gritty, and centrally-located on the map. Serves a more practical purpose for the island as a port. The locals can be seen wearing tank tops. Theme music reminds me of the Home Depot theme, but more inviting and brazen.
Gelato Beach – ESFP 7w6 – Open, carefree, and hedonistic. Classic sunny tropical beach setting. Everything is centered on pleasure. Theme music evokes uplifting, easygoing Caribbean calypso music.
Pinna Park – ENFP 7w6 – Fantastical, children-oriented setting with eccentric, colorful rides and zany yoshis. Lots of colorful happy chaos and randomness going on. Theme music is bouncy, bousterous, and lighthearted.
Sirena Beach – INFP 4w5 – Beautiful, romantic, and peaceful, yet also spooky and melancholy. Wistful sunsets, muted colors, and haunted hotels abound. Theme music is serene and soothing, but also eerie with unnerving snapping string effects and a feeling that something is wrong.
Noki Bay – INFJ 9w1 – Tranquil, mystical setting with amicable and tight-knit community hidden on the far side of the island. Waterfall and soaring shell towers give off mystical zen vibe. Theme music gives off otherworldly ethereal feeling with fluttery, floaty, and atmospheric flutes and harps.
Pianta Village – ENFJ 2w1 – Supernatural tribal setting with chasm that almost appears to keep inhabitants hostage in its protection against invaders. Enchanting starry sky envelopes giant palm trees that support the village. Theme music has inviting string instruments, but uneasy percussion.
Corona Mountain – ENTJ 8w7 – Scary, hellish volcanic setting that evokes dread and fear. Perfect place for Bowser and Jr. to hide. Volcano looms menacingly above the island and dominates the landscape in many settings. Theme music has fast-paced drums and gives off sense of hopelessness.
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