jeremy, zachary, oliver, benjamin, jordan, eric?

Oliver Darcy / CNN: How Sean Hannity and right-wing media personalities are using the Smollett verdict to attack the media Check out Mini-memeorandum for simple mobiles or memeorandum Mobile for modern smartphones. This list of people in Playboy 2000–2009 is a catalog of women and men who appeared in Playboy magazine between the years 2000 and 2009, inclusive. Note that not all of the people featured on the cover or in the magazine model in the nude. Entries in blue indicate that the issue marks the original appearance of that year's Playmate of the Year (PMOY). berton, alexander james (w/ male ) status: U.S. poised to break record 142,000 covid-19 hospitalizations … The United States is poised to surpass its record for covid-19 hospitalizations as soon as Tuesday, with no end in sight to skyrocketing case loads, falling staff levels and the struggles of a medical system trying to provide care amid … 0.00 spartanburg magistrate court 11/08/21 14:35 amburn jordan celeste 211 cannon ball run; cannon ball run campobello, ... 0.00 general sessions court 11/16/21 12:20 biggerstaff zachary fitzgerald 130 saturn ln greer, ... anderson, charles edward (b/ male ) status: Cookies help us deliver our services. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. OK Conor Jordan Understudy. Michael Kurowski Understudy, through November 7. Jeff Kurysz Understudy. Tom Ochocinski Understudy. Jeff Parker Understudy. Zac Richey Understudy. Zachary Stevenson Understudy. Janelle Villas Understudy

2022.01.17 14:19 derpknight11 jeremy, zachary, oliver, benjamin, jordan, eric?

i really like these names but i’m afraid the eric and the nickname zach won’t mesh well with the last name kim because of repeating “k” sounds. middle name will be korean and start with j. what do you guys think, and which of these names be the best choice?
if you have any 2 syllable first names that have 1 syllable nicknames i would appreciate that as well, thank you
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2022.01.17 14:19 Mobile_Researcher165 is it still sexual assult if it was my parents? i dont know if they had good/bad intentions.

i hate this guilty feeling so much
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2022.01.17 14:19 Chigirl86 Won’t post me on social after a year

Is it a red flag if he won’t post me on social media
So we’ve been dating a year and he has all the socials BUT he says he doesn’t post anymore. The thing is he always uses Snapchat but never a pic with me…
He told me in his last relationship he posted them a lot on Insta and when they broke up he had to delete the posts. When he met me he stopped posting on Insta but he does have a lot of pics but from the past.
Is this a red flag?
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2022.01.17 14:19 brea513302 CD 32 | 13 DPO | Easy @ Home… Thoughts on my chart?

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2022.01.17 14:19 tr8bln Need Help identifying these lamps

Need Help identifying these lamps Does anyone knows the name of the designer of these lamps?
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2022.01.17 14:19 JeriJeri_13 Got these Wunder Trains in Jubilee and now I just like to lounge around in them 💕🤍✨☺️

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2022.01.17 14:19 alper Heavenly singing in the Royal Opera’s Le nozze di Figaro

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2022.01.17 14:19 lumpex999 Why does my 12 Pro Max crushes shadows so much? (First is ProRaw with shadows set to 100% in post and the second is just a normal HEIF) | iOS 15.3 Developer Beta 1

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2022.01.17 14:19 DNehru tracks [Pentacon Six TL, Biometar 80mm f/2.8, HP5]

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2022.01.17 14:19 Every_Computer_935 Kronika has to be one of the worst videogame villains ever (Mortal Kombat 11)

So, the Netherrealm MK era has been an interesting one to say the least. While it has managed to bring the MK franchise back into the mainstream it also feels incredebly confused in what direction it wants to go in. And Kronika is probably the best representation of the worst parts of Netherrealms MK games.
Kronika is a Titan. Beings that were never mentioned before MK11 or even implyed, but are apparently even more powerful than the Elder Gods. She is a pretty silly character concept overall, always being there through the entirety of MK, but never appearing because she's beyond everything. However, what matters most is the execution, so let's cover how Kronika is presented through the story and the gameplay.
The good
Before I start ripping into Kronika I think she at least deserves some credit for the few good things she has going for her. Her VA, Jennifer Hale, gives a very good performance with how little she is given to work with. Her time powers are presented vey well. Awe inspiring when she first appears and disturbing near the end, it really sells her as this kind of otherworldly being. She has a great fatality, which was apparently supposed to be Geras' fatality at first, but it's still pretty cool. And finally she has an awesome death. Not both of her story mode deaths, those are lame, but her arcade tower death is really brutal and well presented. Allright, I think that's about it.
Kronika in gameplay
Kronika is the final boss of the regular story and of the arcade mode. She isn't playable and is just a boss fight. Kronika is a pretty abismal boss in all honesty, she doesn't have a very interesting moveset despite being able to control time. She is above Gods, yet in all honesty Cetrion is presented as more impressive in gameplay at least. She is the most powerful villain in MK so far and you'd probably never guess that looking at the gameplay. Fighting games have amanged to already make supremely powerful beings who are beyond everything work already, just look at Slayer
from Guilty Gear. He gives off more personality from his walk cycle than Kronika does through all of her animations. How does that even happen?
And Kronika is kind of a pain to fight as well and not in a good way. She isn't an unfair wall that input reas you to hell and back, while also taking away half of your health from a single combo, but she's moreso annoying that anything else. She can't be juggeled so a lot of combos don't work on her, she can't be thrown, she can't be swept, multihitting attacks often doen't seem to work on her (it honestly comes off as more of a glitch than an intentional design decision) and she will call weaker version of other characters to fight you every time she losses 1/3 of her health, which just pads out the fight. The only really cool part of the entire fight is that Kronika can summon a T-Rex.
In all honestly Kronika in gameplay feels unfinished. Like the devs just ran out of time to program animations of her being thrown or swept and just never bothered to update it.
Kronika in the story
Kronika unfortunately isn't presented much better in the story either. Due to Netherrealm not giving villains any chapters, her forces constantly lose and make her seem incompetent. But even after constant losses she is still incredebly smug and confident. In Aftermath she even acknowledges how she probably lost since Shang Tsung is back, but even after all of that she still acts like everything is going according to her plan. As if that weren't enough she can easely sabotage the good guys whenever she wants. Yeah, at one point in the sotry she just teleports to the fire garden and kidnaps Liu Kang. Why not do that with all of the revenants? Revenant Liu Kang became much more powerful after absorbing regular Liu Kang's power, so why not do the same with Kitana or Kung Lao? I get she's supposed to be arrogant, but she just comes off as stupid as she never gets a substantial enough victory to justify her high opinion of herself.
Additionally, her time powers are kinda inconsistent. In Aftermath it's shown how she can also frezze Raiden if she hits him, so why not just kill her main adversary or just keep him frozen until her plans are completed? Additionally, she can bring back past version of characters with her powers, but she also brings back people that would oppose her as well. Can she not control who she brings back? Then why does she have perfect control of time in the rest of the story?
She's just so incredebly inconsistent and acts like an idiot, but we're supposed to take her seriously as an almost impossible to defeat foe. Heck, Raiden figured out her plan many, many times, so she had to reset back before he does, but apparently this time is for all the marbels.
Kronika is a complete chump
Before the game came out one of the writers for MK11 was hyping her up to be even more powerful than the One Being. For those of you that don't know the One Being is all of the pieces of the MK universe combined into a single entity. Reality is just a dream of the One Being and if it wakes up everything that exist will disappear. It seems as if this idea was retconned because Kronika is a complete chump in both the regular and Aftermath story modes. In the regular story Liu Kang and Raiden merge becoming Fire God Liu Kang who defeats and kills Kronika even after she gets her super special crown and absorbs the powers of Cetrion. Yep, a lesser god and a really strong guy with fire powers is all it took to kill her. Cetrion at least has the excuse of being weakened due to Armageddon, but Kronika should be at full power, yet she still gets her ass kicked.
But it's even worse in the Aftermath story. In Aftermath she also tries to kidnap Liu Kang, but is stopped this time because the combined power of Raiden, Fujin and Shang Tsung is more than enough to drive her off. Now, TBF Fujin did need to use Kronika's crown, but it's weird how this being which can manipulate time itself can be defeated by two lesser gods and a really strong magic user. Heck, does this mean that if Cetrion put on the crown, even in her weakened state, she would wipe the floor with Kronika? And in the end Shang Tsung just kicks her ass and absorbs her. Heck, it seems that she even doesn't give a significant power boost as Shang Tsung has absorbed the power of Raiden and Fujin and later Shao Khan, Sindel and Kronika, but Fire God Liu Kang is meant to be on somewhat equal footing to Shang Tsung in the end.
What was Kronika's motivation?
I think this is my main problem with Kronika, I don't even understand why she does all the things she does. She is apparently upset that Raiden changed the timeline at the start of MK9 and Raiden decapitating Shinnok is the straw that broke the camels back. But why? Shao Kahn and Shinnok wanted to merge all the realms once they won. So, does Kronika want the realms to be merged? If so, why? Merging the realms will awaken The One Being from his eternal dream and everything will disappear. Kronika should know this, so why does she want to merge the realms?
Actually, she does have on motivation, to make a new timeline without Raiden. This is in order to restore balance, we don't know what that means, but apparently Raiden put the world out of balance. This does make me ask, "Why not just kill him before he screws everything up?". Kronika is shown to be much more powerful than Raiden. Just kill him regularly before he puts things out of balance.
When looking at fighting games you can run into a lot of memorable final bosses. Characters like M. Bison, I-No, etc. Heck, MK has plenty of great villains like Shao Khan, shang Tsung and Onaga, but Kronika fumbles everything so much I have to call her the worst fighting game villain of modern times. Let's just hope she doesn't come back in MK 12.
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2022.01.17 14:19 Canned_tugboat Skid

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2022.01.17 14:19 indianladka Ring of Saturn

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2022.01.17 14:19 BellPlaysMobile [XB1] [XBX] [M22] Selling Quicksells for $8/100K | Trusted Seller | 200+ Confirmed Deals on MCSRep | Fast Responses and Reliable

I am selling Quicksells on Xbox. Please message me if you are buying.
I can do most payment methods. Don’t risk getting scammed from less reputable traders - can check my rep threads to see my vouches
If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me a PM.
Rep Thread 1 (239 Comments)
Rep Thread 2 (126 Comments)
Rep Thread 3 (Current Rep Thread)
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2022.01.17 14:19 dmreif Giving Miguel and Robby an actual rivalry in season 2

As a few people have noted on this subreddit, the rivalry between Miguel and Robby isn't very well developed. To the point of, in the words of u/MOSSDoc22, just looking disinterested anytime they're around one another. No genuine anger or back and forth like with Hawk and Demetri, or Sam and Tory. Hell, they barely interact as it were (and the only actual conversation they've ever had is when Miguel returns the medal, which is a pretty one-sided conversation since it's mostly Miguel talking at Robby).
Which is a shame because of the fact that the boys have all the things they need to have an actual rivalry. You have the favoritism that Johnny has for Miguel, and as of season 3, Robby kicking Miguel over the railing and putting him in the hospital.
You almost have to wonder, what could be done differently to give the boys an actual rivalry in season 2?
I feel like the simplest solution would be something that forces the boys to interact more. And that simple solution would be, instead of Sam breaking up with Miguel at the tournament, she and Miguel continued dating. The nail essentially being one of two things: either A) Amanda let Sam contact Miguel to let him know she was grounded (so no beach fight), or B) there was a beach fight, but Miguel properly apologized to Sam at the tournament for trying to start a fight with Robby (which is what she wanted to hear) and fought cleanly in the tournament.
Since the love triangle doesn't exist, now there can be an actual rivalry between Robby and Miguel. The result is that there's some insecurity on Miguel's part about Robby living with the LaRussos and being around Sam so much, while Robby actively hates on Miguel for currying favor with the LaRussos after having beaten him at the tournament and viewing Miguel as intruding on the special bond Robby has formed with Daniel.
Throughout the season, Sam tries to play peacemaker between Miguel and Robby, with little success. Valley Fest is slightly different, with Miguel convincing Johnny to wait until Miyagi-Do has finished before they do their own demonstration. The mall fight is slightly different, as afterwards, Robby confronts Miguel about what Hawk did, and maybe also reams Sam out for her boyfriend's choice of friends (which obviously strikes a chord with Sam, considering what Sam went through in season 1 after finding out that her "friends" didn't care about her and that Kyler was a bully who only wanted to get into her pants). Miyagi-Do getting trashed probably also contributes to the animosity between Miguel and Robby, and also leads to strain between Miguel and Sam due to Daniel putting pressure on Miguel to find out who was responsible for stealing the medal.
In lieu of a love square, Robby probably gets together with Tory in season 2 episode 5 rather than in season 4 episode 8. The result is that any animosity between Sam and Tory isn't about Miguel, but about Sam viewing Tory as a bad influence on Robby and Aisha.
There'd also be a different motive for the school fight without the love square. Two plausible options would be A) Miguel never finds out at Coyote Creek about Hawk stealing the medal of honor, instead Sam finds out at Moon's party, and confronts Hawk about it at school due to the police breaking up the party before she can take the medal back, or B) Robby betrays Sam and lashes out at her in anger, and there's a fight between them. Robby then goes to Tory and paints a worse picture of what happened to goad her into picking a fight with Sam at school.
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2022.01.17 14:19 dilute_water88 My friend's story.

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2022.01.17 14:19 GayleneMoralez [For Hire] Essay Writing Services and Homework Help

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2022.01.17 14:19 dakotahjohnson The cuteness right before the attack

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2022.01.17 14:19 npcsofearth Lusty Subway Troll Rages Near Passengers

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2022.01.17 14:19 alper Improving financial literacy must be a priority for Europe

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2022.01.17 14:19 Aniruth1994 Today motivation

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2022.01.17 14:19 ez330 [Offer] Flash offer - Virginia Woolf postcard [US to US]

This is a flash offer, so the first to comment below and pm me their address will get this. I’ll mark it as fulfilled asap when it’s no longer available.
US only (sorry international friends).
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2022.01.17 14:19 ShadowMasterUvLegend We must stop before Science goes too far

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2022.01.17 14:19 Robotwig Alien 3 turns 30 this year… Here’s my toy art celebration I created using practical effects, figures and a bit of digital work with the muzzle flash.

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2022.01.17 14:19 dimitrosaur pls explain

First off, am i supposed to download from Internet Archive and if so, what am i supposed to download from there?
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2022.01.17 14:19 iajaram (CONSULTA) trabajo freelance

Me llego la oportunidad para hacer unos planos de muebles para estados unidos Pero me piden que les pase un precio por hora y otro por plano
Si alguno sabe que precio decirles estoy agradecido
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