Guide: 6 Ways to Practice Climate Farming

2022.01.17 12:47 LIS1050010 Guide: 6 Ways to Practice Climate Farming

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2022.01.17 12:47 udontkidwell Episode 37 - Weekly Wrap - Predator News Now PNN

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2022.01.17 12:47 Jesssant [FOR HIRE] Opening 3 slots for January since I'm recovering from a wrist injury :') DM if interested

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2022.01.17 12:47 azoma2123 low effort meme but atleast a new meme template

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2022.01.17 12:47 kramboll1 Spirits, how'd you die?

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2022.01.17 12:47 ImaginaryBar9817 United VI…interviewer never showed up!

I read somewhere here this happened to someone else. I’ve been on waiting for them to log on, but no one has come on. After waiting this long, no way is this happening 😞 anyone else experienced this?
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2022.01.17 12:47 EireOg_16 [OFFER] Sign up to Monzo (UK) and get £5 from them and £2.50 from me

Use this link and create a free monzo account and pass KYC
They’ll give you £5 when you make any payment with your new card (usually gets credited before this) And I’ll send you 2.50 on PayPal when I’ve got my side or the referral! Comment $Sbid when finished! Thanks guys
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2022.01.17 12:47 SpiritualAd3132 Can you do objectives co-op?

Hey all,
Does anyone know if you can do objectives like the league players or icon swaps in co-op?
Myself and a friend want to do Malang Sarr and our squad battles icons swaps tokens but do we both check off the objectives in co-op or just the person hosting the co-op lobby?
TIA :)
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2022.01.17 12:47 Free2fu-q-up Wen fishing

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2022.01.17 12:47 OathOfRhino [Spoilers] How did Roger come to know about the One Piece?

Spoilers ahead.
We know that Roger let the world know that he 'left everything there' before he died. Similarly, Whitebeard doubled down on the existence of the One Piece before his own death.
But how did they come to know of the One Piece in the first place? When Roger started his journey, he went up to Rayleigh and asked him to join him to turn the world uoside down. Much like Luffy, the primary statement of his goal did not explicitly include the One Piece. Despite that, Roger and the other yonkos were in the hunt for the four poneglyphs, so they all wanted to go to the "final island", laugh tale.
It could just be rumours, but where did these rumous originate. Did the One Piece exist 800 years ago? We have had the name of Joyboy mentioned a couple of times, so that got me thinking... was Joyboy the pirate king before Roger? Did he find the One Piece? We have nothing to confirm that as of yet. Could it be possible that Joyboy is the origin of the One piece, as in, he created it?
Is the One Piece's existence tied to that island and the four road poneglyphs? Were the road poneglyphs created by the same people and at the same time as the other poneglyphs. We know that Joyboy and roger could write their own. Could it be that Joyboy in his journeys learned the true history of the world, but could not finish what he wanted to do, so he created the one piece and the road poneglyphs for someone to finish what he started?
I would love to hear your thoughs, ideas, as well as anything I am missing.
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2022.01.17 12:47 BCTPP Well, that was power league for this season

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2022.01.17 12:47 Fearless-Cricket3297 COVID-19: Council removes Argentina, Australia and Canada from the list of countries for which travel restrictions should be lifted

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2022.01.17 12:47 YellowStarZz Shenhe

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2022.01.17 12:47 VolarWind You guys have any nice sets with this ornament?

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2022.01.17 12:47 SerNukers We all have souls of different ages.

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2022.01.17 12:47 mystic_works Just realized something about my childhood

I found out in my early adult life I was actually diagnosed with ADHD as a child but my parents refused treatment.
Well now well into adult life I have been trying to get my ADHD under control and in doing so been researching it more and I suddenly realized something.
Growing up I would often get into arguments with my parent because they'd get after me for things they asked of me but I had no recollection of the requests. The more it happened more both of us got frustrated.
I swore at the time my parents were just crazy but now I am starting to think it was my ADHD.
Anyways just wanted to share.
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2022.01.17 12:47 superfrogggsx Me: Bat wing Them: Chroma Boneblade (Accepted)

I'm happy with it. :]
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2022.01.17 12:47 jasonwestrik Snowcoma

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2022.01.17 12:47 sanspeuramour Windows 11 Upgrade - Intel i5

Hello everyone! Sorry in advance if ever this topic is redundant but I have a Lenovo i5 laptop and impulsively upgraded to Windows 11. Still observing and from what I read, it still has many bugs.

Thank you so much for everyone who will help. I'm really really anxious to do anything since I lost files before (and will buy an external hard drive probably this week!).
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2022.01.17 12:47 noncoolguy Does Sling offer Nickelodeon yet?

I’m looking at Sling + plus some premiums and addons for additional channels like comedy and news extras. But on the regular blue/orange lineups I see “Nick Jr” is available. The addons show teen Nick, Nick toons, tvland etc, and I see other Viacom channels like Comedy Central and MTV etc.
But is the actual real “Nickelodeon” channel included? The official channel that switches to NickatNite (what we leave on at night) after the evening? It seems like most the common and extended “advanced” Viacom channels are somewhere on sling, but Nickelodeon itself I cannot see unless that’s supposed to be “Nick Jr” (which is listed twice on their website) on the basic packages.
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2022.01.17 12:47 gdebojyoti What are the service options for Pixel 6 in India? How do the protection plans (from Amazon IN's vendors) work?

I recently noticed that the Pixel 6 is available in Amazon IN for approx Rs 65k, and I am thinking of buying it.
While I am aware that we won't be getting any warranty (since Google decided not to launch it in India), I do want to know what my options are in case the phone stops working. I don't really want to ship it to USA.
Also, how do the protections plans from Acko and Quess Care (came across them in the Amazon product listing page itself) work? Where and whom would I get the screen replacement from? I don't want to pay Rs 2.5k for the "protection plan" only to get a "duplicate" screen in case my phone screen gets damaged.
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2022.01.17 12:47 CryptoVib-com SundaeSwap announces release date and Cardano jumps 13% in 24 hours

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2022.01.17 12:47 reiner26 another factor of "No Vax, No Ride" 🤦

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2022.01.17 12:47 Flowergirl1515 Spirit possession dream- it wasn’t scary it was just kind of weird. Almost felt like a test.

In my dream I was standing in water at a lake and said la hacienda and I could feel a tingling sensation through my whole body. I think she was trying to possess me. I said her name again while walking and felt the tingling start in the back of my neck and then blacked out for a second and then looked down and my feet were a foot below the grass with a perfect cut out in the ground of my feet. My food fell on the ground and I hurried to walk back to my parents. Then I was driving a super nice orange and pink sports car of some kind and pulled up to a nice home and I was dressed up and said hi to everyone and we talked about her and they didn’t seem to mind her watching them. I then started to yell at her “this is my body GET OUT” multiple times outloud. Everytime I would think of her name on accident I would start to say that outloud very firmly and i wasn’t afraid of her. I also was driving a car from the back seat down a road by my parents house and there were so many people everywhere and where the road ends for a part of a neighborhood they split it off into three or four lanes going out and there were people and cars everywhere and I cut someone off to drive down and was so worried I would hit a person. I woke up and I’m so confused what this dream meant. The tingling feeling was so real especially in the back of my neck and i don’t know if I was feeling her energy or she was trying to possess me or if I was feeling my own energy.
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2022.01.17 12:47 bucket--bot i not wear this action was colonized by britain if

it’s really did I got a day ~~ignore how many trees are dreamt that your organs already learned that 4 yrs old on my god whhhyyyyyyyyy!
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